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 newUpdated 09.16.12                                     FreedomCruisin Web Site Updates

09.16.12: Added "Flag Counter" to Home page.

11.11.10: Added "Tri-Five Technical Manuals" to "Links" menu.

06.28.10: Added "FOMOCO Cruisers" to "Links" menu.

06.26.10: Added "The FiftiesWeb" to "Links" menu.

06.15.10: Added "Chevy Talk" to "Forums" menu.

06.13.10: Added "Hollywood's 56 Chevy Bel Air" photo link to home page.

06.04.10: Added "Tri-Five" to "Forums" menu.

01.16.10: Added "Mustang Monthly" to "Advertise & Misc" menu.

01.02.10: Added suggested charity organizations on "Home" page.

12.31.09: Added sound plug-in (Audio Control Panel) to "Home" page. Rearranged contents on "Home" page.

10.22.09: Replaced the original Navigation Menu Bar with the new interactive Navigation Menu Bar on 'Home" page. Removed, added, and rearranged some menu items in the new Navigation Menu Bar. |Note: Place the mouse over a main menu button to see the drop down sub menu buttons.|



09.23.08: Added "Charters of Freedom" to "Links" menu.

09.06.09: Added Gary Sinise and his "Gary Sinise' Band" to "Links" menu.

07.01.09: Added "Classic Mustang Tech Site" to "Advertise/Tech Info" menu.

06.26.09: Added "Let Freedom Ring" to "Stop/Peek" menu. Added "OC PT Cruisers", "Ford Six", and "Mustang Forums" to "Forums" menu.

05.23.09: Changed web site name from to

01.19.09: Change "Advertise" to "Advertise/Tech Info" menu bar . Added "" to "Advertise/Tech Info" menu.

01.11.09: Added "The Radio" to "Oldies/Goodies" menu.

10.21.08: Added "California Gas Prices" to "Stop/Peek" menu.

07.18.08: Added "Aero-TV Network" to "Videos" menu.

06.22.08: Added "Morning Glass" to "Oldies/Goodies" menu

01.06.08: Added "Roadfood" to "Stop/Peek" menu.

11.21.07: Added "Rock 'N Rod" to "Check Points" menu.

11.20.07: Added "It's Riddle Time" to "Break Time" menu.

11.16.07: Added "" to "Stop/Peek" menu.

11.15.07: Added "" to "Stop/Peek" menu.

11.04.07: Added "Day Dream'n & Cruz'n" to "Links" menu.

11.02.07: Added "Car Show News" to "Check Points".

10.27.07: Added "Advertise" to menu bar.

10.10.07: Added "Events" to menu bar.

09.22.07: Added "Photos" to menu bar.

09.21.07: Added "Jay Leno's Garage" to "Links" menu.

09.16.07: Added "The Legendary Mustangs", "Neil Morrow & The Memphis 54", to "Oldies But Goodies" menu. Added "We,The People" to "Links" menu.

09.06.07: Changed navigation menu design from vertical to horizontal position. Added "SD Mustangs Car Club" to "Links" menu.

09.05.07: Added "Paya Cofi Jukebox" to "Oldies But Goodies" menu.

08.19.07: Added "Links" to menu bar.

08.17.07: Added "Historic Route 66" to "Stop/Peek" menu.

08.12.07: Added "Oldies/Goodies" to menu bar. Added "Captain Cardiac & The Coronaries" and "The Alley Cats" to "Oldies/Goodies".

08.04.07: Added "Sports" to menu bar.

08.03.07: Added "Showtime" to "Break Time" menu.

07.30.07: Added "Weather" to menu bar.

07.23.07: Added "EAA AirVenture Oshkosh" to "Video" menu.

07.22.07: Added "Break Time" to menu bar. Added "Puzzle" to "Break Time" menu.

07.18.07: Added "The Final Frontier" to menu bar. Consolidated all links on menu bar. Hyperlink this page to "UPDATED" on home page.

07.16.07: Added "Stop/Peek" to menu bar.

07.08.07: Added "Videos" to menu bar.

07.07.07: Added "new" icon to "Home" page.

07.06.07: Added "Check Points" and "The Rest Of The Story" to menu bar.

07.05.07: Added "Live Traffics" to menu bar.

07.04.07: Completed the initial draft of Freedom PT Cruisers "Home" page and uploaded to web server. "Let Freedom Ring"


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